SQL Sushi

When I first jumped into SQL Server, I felt like I was in the middle of an Ocean during a storm.  There were so many directions I wanted to go in, so many ideas.  And everywhere I turned with what seemed like quick easy ideas, became huge waves that I didn’t have the tools to navigate.  I love a challenge.

For those who are just now taking the plunge as I did years ago, my goal here is to share my experiences in small bite-sized pieces.  Each post can stand alone, or tessellated with other posts to make something even more useful.  Kind of like Sushi.  One piece is great, but a whole bunch is awesome (until you get a stomach ache).

      • Easy to understand (I hope)
      • Small tasks
      • Low stress
      • Have fun
      • Learn & Grow
      • In short: A place where the Ocean takes its rest