Thank you for taking time to visit my Blog.  With literally hundreds of thousands of sites (I’ve checked) dedicated to technology, software, I.T., databases, and other related topics, I am honored you took time to peek at mine.


I am a  certified SQL Server DBA; a BI Developer; an artist; a historian; an investor of Real Estate, and a seeker of Truths.

I have been a DBA for about 8 years.  I love SQL Server.  I am working towards an Oracle certification (slowly).  I enjoy PowerShell, even though at times it causes me to yank out my hair (an exercise that becomes less significant with each passing year).

It has been my privilege to have had some truly great Mentors (and Bosses) over the years.  People who took some of their valuable time to share with a guy who (initially) knew nothing, but had great desire, and aptitude.  We all need mentors, and I’d like to give credit and thanks from the bottom of my heart to those who helped me.  They helped shape my thinking, fed my drive, challenged and assisted me on my Path:

M. Ellis; P. Keck, D. Bersch; M. Sofen; LR Hawkins; R. Ackerland; G. Parker; M. Gadoury

Thank you!

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